A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 3 July 2017

Gripes ~ Gugu Buthelezi

Taking a look at my life
Unfairness is the only thing I see.
Full of being spurned and strife
I should just have a cup of tea.
The way mistakes are treated
Makes me consider changing my behaviour.
But I should suffer in silence
If I am to be our nation's savior.
Shout out to all those that put my
Heart in a cast
Because on this hit list not only are you next,
you're last.

©  Gugu Buthelezi

Grade 12

Beautiful World ~ Nash Aniruth

The sound of the hills
Awakens the city below
The ambient cry of an infant
Marking the rebirth of a new day
New beginnings
New hope
New rays radiate through the
Bringing with them an aura of
Positivity and life
Which engulfs the city as it lays...
Like a staircase into heaven...
Ascending to the highest points of no return, blocking out the sunshine.
They stand above it all...
Extending their gaze upon the beauty of creation as
The millipedes crawl over the streets below
Their bodies glistening silver in the sun.
Doves taking flight overhead
Leave with them a trail of joy in the atmosphere.
Oh, isn't it beautiful?
The children, inhaling the vapours of this world into their lungs.
The beggar at the traffic light, now absent of dignity.
The man on the street, grey as a cadaver.
Yet they stand above it all...
Taking in the carcinogens to feel numb...
Oh, what a beautiful world it is.

© Nash Aniruth

Matriculant 2016

Monday, 5 June 2017

Burning Bridges ~ Nolulama Msomi

We're too close to the end now,
Even through the tempests
Our ship has almost sailed now
We're world's apart
What was it like before:
When the days felt bright
shorter, and
That was then.

Change. You have changed.
Things have changed, you changed.
Can you remember?
In the past bridges were made out of wood.
What is yours made out of now?

©  Nolulama Msomi

Grade 12

Faded Love ~ Mangaliso Xaba

We have lost communication
I have lost her attention
On the day I focused on the nation.
She gave me a probation
But the word love I didn’t mention.
She now lives in a mansion
She gave birth to her daughter by a C-section
She left me in a shack at Ezakheni C-section.
Her life is so blessed with her new husband,
She doesn’t even want to come back to me as friend.
I have lost her attention
Because the word love I didn’t mention.

©  Mangaliso Mthandazi Xaba

Grade 11

Restless Soul ~ Mangaliso Xaba

Sitting alone in the dark at night
thinking how I can make things right
everything is just out of my might.
Dark clouds roaming in my mind,
nightmares reach me even out of sight
I keep wondering when will I ever see the light.
Every time they see me, I say I’m alright,
I’m in a facade making sure that all appears bright.
Been gambling with my life, always rolling a die
My soul keeps wondering, when the body will ever die.
Can’t wait to let the bad emotions fly sky high
and let the restless soul rest in flight.
Dark clouds roaming in my mind.
Will I ever be alright?

©  Mangaliso Mthandazi Xaba
(Mangz Nation)

Grade 11

Stolen Glances ~ Uwais Coetzee

Those secretive moments
when our eyes just seem to meet.
And then as if by habit
you shyly look at your feet.
Those chilly morning talks
before we walk our separate ways,
are the moments I look forward to on
most of my days.
Those stolen glances with you
are all I seem to get.
But because they're with you
I'll enjoy them without regret.
We both have feelings
we can hardly explain.
But we've both lost something
Yet I know that we can gain.
Gain happiness, gain content
gain peace in this place.
I know all this with those
glances at your face.
Those glances with you
bring hope and joy to me.
They may only take a second
but then I'm happy you see.
Those moments aren't much
but I drown in that blue.
I enjoy those Stolen Glances
simply because they're with you.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

The Coliseum ~ Taahir Sardiwalla

Time witnessed a smile
Then when happiness threatened
To reach a longing eye
It stole the little spark of hope

The hound
Salivating for
Bloody torn fibres
Ill-afforded the moment
By temptation

He is cruel in his ways
Yet he makes a being stronger
At the expense of happiness

For it is with each wind
The coliseum must bear
The colossal brunt

So I ask you this
This day
Be there when I fall

© Taahir Sardiwalla

Grade 12