A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Love Lost ~ Mangoliso Xaba


Standing  in front of the mirror
Hyped up due to thoughts of love roaming in mind.
Not believing that she’s really mine.
I remember telling her that I really dig her,
She told me to stop digging as she’s not mine.
Anyways I don’t mean to brag but
Her body is a major skew line,
Curves in all the right places.
I love her and would never trade her for a dime.
She’s my number one, well the rest shall follow.
A beautiful soul and my shoulder to cry on.
But as I deeply stare at my reflection on the mirror,
I can feel the lyrics of love play softer and slower in my head.
I then realise my dimples start to fade.
All because Real Love was Lost, and Lust was Found.


© Mangaliso Xaba [MangzNation]

Grade 12

Forever in my Heart

We were just having fun, weren't we?
Those moments werw like a key,
A key to unlock a door full of amazing memories
We didn't even care about our low batteries

All we cared about was seizing the moment
Who knew our time together would be so potent?
We thought nothing in the world could keep us apart,
Our last memory together is engraved in my heart

© Sibongile Maseko

Grade 11

When I First Met You ~ Marlize van der Merwe

When I first met you,
I was all in a trance,
I told you my secrets,
you told me yours.

I bet you thought I'd never love you,,
who would have thought.
We would be more than just friends,
I got to know the real person you.

A soul so caring, a soul so dear,
with a heart so true, your love so pure.
You are the wings that fly me to the moon,
I'll never leave, I'll rather stay,

Because of the feelings, I have for you.
You're my shining star, in life's blue sky,
and sometimes, I wonder, is this all so true?

So I've decided,
time will tell.
If we're to be,
Time will reveal, what lies ahead.

But always remember,
what I am saying.
Meeting you, has changed my life,
I truly love you.

the feelings I feel, I feel for you,
I'll never let you go.
I need you so,
you'll always be
the one for me.

© Marlize van der Merwe

Grade 10

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"She wants to travel..." ~ Jowairiyya Khan


She wants to travel
She wants to experience all the amazing qualities of this universe
She wants to feel the autumn wind on her fragile skin
She wants to feel the ocean wash away her sins
She wants to feel the roughness of the sand rub against her body
She wants to taste the almost icy looking salt on her lips
She wants to jump off a cliff...
to feel an adrenaline kick
She wants to do so many things

Yet , her sorrows , sins and anxiety stop her

When she’s on the edge
When she’s about to move
When she’s about to jump
Her mind says no
She is confined in her own little bubble
With No explanation as to why she can’t...

Strange thing
having to suffer and not know why...

The unknown monster puts her life on hold,
Keeps her chained like an animal
It makes her feel like she can live
Although, when she takes a step forward
It makes her take five steps back,
According to him
The confidence she lacks

Peculiar thing it is to live with
But I suppose without struggles
Life would just be a myth.

©  Jowairiyya Khan

Grade 11

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Antarctica ~ Naadir Vorajee

Poetry Without Words...

With Permission
Naadir Vorajee

"This place is unbelievably beautiful in its harshness."

With Permission
Naadir Vorajee

"Down South"

South African base in Antarctica
With Permission
Naadir Vorajee

Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013

What If We Were? ~ Uwais Coetzee

what if we were different?
what if we were the same?
what if we realized
that we make the rules of this game?
what if we were the heroes?
the heroes that saved the day.
the heroes that gave hope to people
that never felt that way.
what if we were lovers
who'd love the way we could?
what if we were together
that way I know I would
love you constantly
to be or not to be?
that became the thought.
never the question because
everyday i fought
the urge to say
that i wanted to be
but never have i ever known
how you felt about me.
what if we were the same
spots in this world becoming a blur?
what if we were together?
what if we were?

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12

From AbuDhabi to the World

The rush of adrenaline pumping through the jugular.
The brain pulsating with the overload of oxygen.
Each breath gets faster and deeper.
You feel as if the entire ocean has emptied itself into your lungs,
Yet in reality, you are just standing on the runway with your nose pointed towards your destination. Succumbing to Newton’s laws, you leave the ground
As swiftly as a dream that comes to you in the night.
It is time to grow your wings, take off and fly.
What is restraining your ambitions?
Is it your fear or your insecurities?
It could even be self-doubt and paranoia for always wanting to achieve perfection.
Let it all dissolve into oblivion.
Allow the ocean of air to diffuse into your imminent being.
Strive for Perfection-
It is not yet illegal.
Kill the doubt,
Assassinate the fear,
Obliterate the insecurities and
Bomb the opinions of other people.
Let your dreams be at the end of the runway.
Accelerate towards it with all your Passion, Love and Enthusiasm.
Do not let the hailstones and turbulence deter your morale-
It is all a part of the journey.
Believe that you are worthy enough
To enjoy the munsell shades of colours in the God-given sunrise.
Adjust the wing flaps, reconfigure the breaks and put it in gear.
Take a breath, envision God and move in the direction of your goals.
Advance the throttle part way…
And just lift off.

© Pryaska Goorhoo

Matriculant 2017